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Q: Need any help?

A: At All Leisure we believe in helping you make the right choice to ensure your holiday will be a memory of a lifetime, every time. Each member of our team is familiar with all our destinations and resorts and you can be sure of personal, first hand knowledge and advice.

Use the Contact us form or call us now on 0207 089 1792 if you need help right away

Q: Passports and Visas

A: All British and EU citizens require a full 10 year passport with at least six months validity with the name on the passport matching that on the ticket (newly-weds must bring proof of name change). All British and EU passport holders require a tourist visa to enter Laos (current cost approx $35) and Cambodia (current cost approx $20) which may be obtained on arrival. A visa is not required for British and EU passport holders to Thailand if your stay is less then 30 days. For Vietnam you are required to pre-apply for your visa prior to travel. Full details of visa requirements will be sent with your travel documents

 Q: Health & Safety

A: All Leisure takes every possible step to ensure that your holiday is safe and trouble free. However we would like to remind you that although All Leisure constantly strives to raise health and safety standards in all resorts, standards are generally not always as thorough to those found back home.

Details on possible vaccinations for Southeast Asia are

Hepatitis A & B, Japanese encephalitis, Malaria, Typhoid

We advise that it is worth checking with your GP about those which might be recommended

The cruise ship is equipped with a first aid kit as well as some basic medication. Local doctors usually speak very little English, but your travel guides will help you with any necessary translations. Local hospitals usually only contain very basic medications, which is why we strongly advise you to get comprehensive Travel insurance before travelling abroad, which will cover the cost of repatriation in case of an emergency.

Stomach upsets can occur due to the heat and change of diet, so it is best to bring preventive medicine with you. A combination of heat, spicy foods and not enough water are all contributing factors for stomach upsets. So, by following a few simply guidelines can often save sickness during your holiday.

Please remember to:

  • Wash your hands before eating!
  • Try to avoid ice cubes in drinks. We advise not to drink tap water. Always make sure that seal of the bottled top is unbroken before drinking. Lastly, if you have a particularly weak stomach, try to avoid foods such as ice cream, sugar cane specialties, salads and any fruit that still has its peel or that you have not peeled yourself
  • Make sure that food has been cooked properly and is hot when eaten.
  • Please avoid all food offered by street vendors, no matter how tempting it may look
  • Do not drink too much alcohol during the day as this can help cause dehydration.

Lastly, please remember to take out comprehensive Travel Insurance and don't forget to take it with you when you travel!

Foreign Office

To make the most of your trip abroad we recommend that you check the advice given by the Foreign Commonwealth Office by either calling 0845 850 2829 (24hrs, 7 days a week - BT - 4p per min, other networks vary) or visiting

 Q: Special Requirements

A: Facilities for the disabled or those with impaired mobility are very limited in Indochina. We would therefore ask you to discuss with us the suitability of any particular accommodation and resort before making a booking. Wheelchair or other special assistance is available at most airports and it is essential that, if needed, this is requested at the time of booking so we can endeavour to meet your requirements.

 Q: Cruise Itineraries

A: Cruise itineraries and excursions can, for operational reasons, be subject to alteration locally at short notice as much is dependent on river conditions, including water levels and other local factors. Due to the adventurous nature of the trip, it will not be possible to always stick to the exact schedule for every day and we will endeavour to keep you abreast of what you can expect on a daily basis

There are very few landing stages on the Mekong River. You will embark and disembark on the boat’s gangway, occasionally crossing wide sandy riverbanks. For this reason we do not recommend Mekong cruises for the disabled or those with impaired mobility. Our staff will always help you arrive safely on land and will see to the transportation of your luggage.

Q: Tips & Onboard

A: Tips are not included and is now common place in the Far East especially in the service industry and you should be prepared to tip guides, drivers and porters who assist you during your stay. As a guideline if you are travelling alone we would recommend that you tip your guide $7 per day. If travelling in a couple you should offer $10 per couple per day. If you are travelling in a group of 3-4 then tipping between $15-20 per group per day is acceptable.

For porters a tip of $1 per person per bag is appropriate and it is useful to have several dollars to hand for your convenience, alternatively an equivalent amount in local currency will suffice.


All meals on our Mekong cruises are included. The only additional expenses are drinks, tips and souvenirs. A credit system operates on board the boat whereby all extras will be signed for and billed to your cabin and settled at the end of your cruise. Currency used on-board is either US dollars or Euros although you can pay in the local currency. Unfortunately the boats cannot accept credit cards onboard.

Tipping on a Mekong cruise is totally at your discretion, in general, tip amounts depend on how many days are spent on the boat. The usual amount per day for the Boat crew is $5-7 US dollars per passenger. The entire amount is collected by your tour guide on the last day of each travel leg and distributed evenly among the crew.

 Q: Clothing and shoes

A: It gets very hot in summer throughout the Far East, so loose, light cotton clothing is the most comfortable. During the winter months (November to February) it can get quite cold at night so warm clothes are a must. Take sunglasses, comfortable walking shoes and a good sunhat, it is also advisable to take a jacket for the strong wind onboard the ship.

You should dress conservatively – women should not have bare shoulders or wear revealing tops or shorts, men should wear below the knee shorts or long trousers especially when visiting temples or you will risk causing offence When visiting a Buddhist temple or other holy sites, remember to bring footwear that can be taken off and put on easily, as shoes must be removed before entering all temples. In general shoes are taken off in South-East Asia when entering a private home and also onboard the cruise boats.

 Q: Local Customs

 A: It is particularly advisable to dress modestly. If entering a temple, you will be expected to leave your shoes outside and have shoulders and knees covered. It is also forbidden to point your feet towards a Buddha image and women cannot touch a monk. There are many sacred sites and artefacts throughout Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, please do not enter or touch these without permission.

In South East Asia your head is consider 'high' and your feet 'low', it is generally considered rude to use your feet for anything other than walking and sport. The head is considered sacred so it is improper to touch adults or children on the head. If entering a private home or going aboard a cruise boat, it is common to take your shoes off.

Q: Electricity

A: 110 or 220/240 AC volts. An adaptor is necessary

Q: Language

A: English is widely spoken.

Q: Safety Deposit Boxes

A: Most hotels and cruise boats have safety deposit boxes or in-room safes available for clients use, often at no extra charge.

  Q: What is my baggage allowance?

A: The standard baggage allowance varies by airline and your final allowance will be detailed on your flight tickets. Please note that we have no control over what the individual airlines will allow. Full information is provided at time of booking.

 Q: Tickets

A: Tickets (where applicable) and any other documents relating to your booking will be sent to the address which you give us at the time of booking. These will be dispatched (where applicable) to you at least 2 weeks prior to departure.

For bookings made within 2 weeks of departure if it is necessary for us to make arrangements for you to collect your tickets from the departure airport, these bookings will incur a Late Booking Fee or TOD charge. These charges vary depending on the airline and these will be made known at time of booking.

Please note that two airlines may share the same services, therefore a flight may not be operated by the airline whose designated code is shown on your itinerary and ticket.

Q: What is an electronic ticket?

A: An e-ticket or electronic ticket is one that replaces the need for paper tickets. This method of ticketing is used to make the booking process easier and quicker as your details are stored by the airline electronically and retrieved using the reference given to you when you book.

This means that you will not need to produce anything, all you need to do is quote the reference or show your passport in order to check-in.

Q: What is a TOD?

A: A TOD is a 'Ticket On Departure' and most airlines charge a fee for providing it. TOD's are normally required when making late or last-minute bookings and customers are required to collect their tickets at the departure airport before checking in.

Airlines charge more for this because they cannot issue an e-ticket and have to produce paper tickets in order for you to check in. Costs vary depending on the airline and you will always be made aware of any TOD fees before confirming a booking.

 Q: Are airline meals included? 

A: Depending on your chosen airline - most airlines include meals or snacks dependent on the time of day. If you have any specific dietary requirements such as gluten free or vegan please contact us online or call us on 0207 089 1799

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